Charlie Sykes, Corey Lewandowski Clash Over Trump Admin’s Border Claims: ‘This is the Vesuvius of BS’

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes and former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski faced off on Monday night over the president’s ongoing fight with Congress over the government shutdown.

Trump is scheduled to address the nation on border security on Tuesday, so political observers are wondering if he’s about to declare a national emergency in order to start building a border wall in spite of the shutdown. When Sykes and Lewandowski joined MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to talk about this on Hardball, Sykes started things off by saying Trump’s position is deteriorating because of his constant lies in pursuit of “a costly and unnecessary boondoggle” that’s unpopular with most of the country.

Lewandowski countered by invoking American citizens who’ve been victimized by criminal aliens, even as Matthews said Trump’s basically following marching orders from conservative media. As Lewandowski insisted that Trump isn’t wavering on his promised border wall, Sykes got back in to dig at Trump’s lies and misrepresentations of the “crisis” on the border.

The three-way clash continued when Matthews brought up NBC’s report saying U.S. Customs and Border Protection only arrested 6 known or suspected terrorists in early 2018. This is a severe break from the Trump Administration’s recent pattern of mischaracterizing special interest aliens in order to claim 4,000 alleged terrorists were stopped from illegally entering America last year.

As Lewandowski defended the statistic, Sykes dryly remarked that the White House “made it up,” saying “This is the Vesuvius of BS.” Sykes continued to accuse Lewandowski of ignoring “inconvenient” facts about decreased border arrests, and that led into a debate over how eminent domain will factor into Trump’s wall.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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