Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes: Republicans Have Allied ‘With a Mad King,’ But Are Trying to Pretend He’s Normal

Charlie Sykes: Conservative Media Provides Trump Supporters a ‘Safe Space’ From the Truth

Charlie Sykes Blasts Sean Hannity Over Julius Caesar: ‘This is Cringeworthy’

Charlie Sykes: Trump GOP Like ‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers’

Who Can Really Impeach President Trump? Fox News

Charlie Sykes: The Right Is Now Less About Ideas and More About Making ‘Liberals’ Heads Explode’

Charlie Sykes on Trump Getting Plaudits for Speech: ‘Almost a Battered Pundit Syndrome Going On’

Charlie Sykes: Conservative Media’s ‘Hair Would’ve Been on Fire’ if Obama Equated US With Russia

Charlie Sykes: It’s ‘Fundamentally Disturbing’ That Trump Is Questioning Popular Vote

Conservative Radio Host: ‘I Feel Dumber Every Time I Listen to Sean Hannity.’

Conservative Talk Radio Host Admits ‘We’ve Created a Monster’

Paul Ryan Condemns ‘Anti-Semitic Images’ in Reaction to Trump Star Tweet

Radio Host on Handwritten Note From Trump: ‘I Appreciate the Outreach. But Still #NeverTrump’

Oops: MSNBC Reporter Admits to Network’s Softball Questions to ‘Keep Relationship’ With Trump

In Radio Interview, Trump Proves That He Just Can’t Let Anything Go

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