Chuck Todd Exasperated By Trump’s ‘Banana Republic’ Rhetoric: ‘He Doesn’t Even Know the Definition of Treason’

Fear not, Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd is just as exasperated this Friday evening as you are.

On his MSNBC show, Todd addressed President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the Mueller probe, noting to his panel that the commander in chief’s escalating rhetoric has become unremarkable.

“By the way, the president just throws out the words ‘treason’ and ‘coup’ all the time. And we all have become numb to it. I feel like that’s problematic, you know? That we’ve become this numb. I know it is,” Todd said.

“It seems like we’ve all thrown up our hands. ‘Well, that’s just how he speaks.’ He doesn’t even know the definition of treason,” the anchor continued.

“Right. Of course, plenty of people accused him of treason from the left side when we’re not at war with Russia,” said New York Times correspondent Charlie Savage. “The word needs to be retired.”

“Can people go read the definition of treason?” Todd asked.

“And it looks like a banana republic,” he added. “I’m sorry, it makes us look like one of the countries we used to make fun of.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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