Chuck Todd Grills GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on Ukraine: ‘You Seem to Blame This on Everybody But the President’

NBC’s Chuck Todd pressed Senator Ron Johnson (R-MN) on Meet The Press by asking why President Donald Trump’s conduct supposedly isn’t to blame for the Ukraine scandal.

As Todd and Johnson went back and forth on why Trump wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden’s family, the senator presented a favorable perspective on the timeline for America’s arrangement to provide military aid to Ukraine.

“You seem to blame this on everybody but the president,” Todd reacted to Johnson’s objection. “It was the president’s actions… You’re blaming everybody else for the reason we’re in this situation, other than the president. Isn’t the president’s own behavior, which raised all of these yellow and red flags, isn’t is that why we’re here?”

“I’m sympathetic with President Trump as he has been tormented from the day after his election,” Johnson responded. He continued to deflect from Todd’s question by attacking the Ukraine whistleblower for hiring Mark Zaid, an anti-Trump proponent, as his lawyer.

Todd moved on by digging up a series of old comments from Johnson, noting that the senator seemed to lean toward impeaching Hillary Clinton for her actions if she had been elected president in 2016.

“How should viewers not look at what you are doing here and you’re just reacting as a partisan that if Trump were a Democrat, you’d be ready to convict him?” Todd asked.

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