Chuck Todd to Romney: Didn’t You Mainstream Trump by Seeking His Endorsement in 2012?

On Meet the Press this morning, Chuck Todd grilled Mitt Romney over whether he was responsible for the mainstreaming of Donald Trump in politics by so publicly embracing him in 2012.

Todd brought up Romney’s past praise of Trump’s business acumen compared with his current trashing of it. Romney said Trump has certainly had a lot of success in his career, but he’s also failed time and time again, and that’s a serious problem.

As for Romney’s recent tweet that he wouldn’t have embraced Trump in 2012 if he had said then about minorities what he’s saying now, but Todd pointed out that he said a lot of controversial and outrageous things back then. He asked, “Do you believe you mainstreamed Trump, made him acceptable, and do you regret it?”

Romney hedged and said he doesn’t ever endorse the views of every single person that’s ever endorsed him. When Todd bluntly asked him if he is “embarrassed” that he ever stood next to Trump, Romney said that based on some of the things he said recently, yes, he is.

Watch above, via NBC.

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