Chuck Todd: Trump Using Classic Propaganda Techniques to Dismiss and Reject Facts

Chuck Todd today hosted a special edition of Meet the Press on “alternative facts” with a particular focus on President Donald Trump and the White House.

“The terms ‘alternative facts’ and ‘truth isn’t truth’ debuted here on Meet the Press over the last couple of years,” he said, referring to comments made on the program by Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani, “but these ideas are not new. Russia’s government, for instance, now disorients its populace with so many versions of ‘the truth,’ it creates what one Russian TV producer called the fog of unknowability.”

“If truth is pushed into a woodchipper, leaving us to say, ‘I don’t know what to believe,’ then alternative facts haven’t just fought truth to a draw, alternative facts may have already won,” he added.

His opener also called out Trump for engaging in recognizable elements of propaganda campaigns, including “attack[ing] critics to erode their credibility and invalidate the facts” and whataboutism.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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