CNN Anchors Guffaw at Trump Claim He Never Even Thought About Pardoning Himself: ‘Really?!’


CNN anchors Kate Bolduan and John Berman could not contain their laughter over ex-President Donald Trump’s claims he never even thought about pardoning himself and that he will definitely testify under oath.

Trump made both improbable comments — that he never even wanted to “think about” pardoning himself while president and that he will definitely testify under oath — in preview clips of his upcoming interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, which hit the street Thursday night.

On Friday’s edition of CNN News Central, Bolduan drew an off-camera guffaw from Berman as she sarcastically teased both statements, and both could not contain laughter as they mocked Trump along with CNN analysts SE Cupp and John Avlon:

KATE BOLDUAN: Morning. Donald Trump says that he would testify in the classified documents case against him. Really? He also says that he would not pardon himself if he won reelection. Really? That’s right.


KRISTEN HOLMES: Kate, this is a very standard answer for Donald Trump saying it’s uncertain, it’s unlikely that he would do this. But again, adding because he didn’t do anything wrong, that is how he usually handles these kind of things, saying that it doesn’t matter because he didn’t do anything wrong. But as you said, talking quite a bit here.

KATE BOLDUAN: (laughing) Yes, exactly right. Kristen, thank you so much for pulling it together for us.

JOHN BERMAN: With us now, CNN senior political analyst John Avalon and CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp. John. Percent chance that Donald Trump wouldn’t pardon himself if he were convicted of a crime here?

JOHN AVLON: I’m going to go between one and zero, John.

JOHN BERMAN: And S.E. Cupp. (laughter) Percent, percent chance that Donald Trump will testify under oath in any of these cases?

SE CUPP: I’m at 50. I mean, his lawyers can tell him not to all they want. Ultimately, it’s his decision and he gets to make it. Any lawyer will tell you we can’t stop someone from testifying. We can tell them not to. We can advise them not to. But if he’s hell bent on testifying, he will.

KATE BOLDUAN: That’s completely ruining the lead up that John was going for SE!


JOHN BERMAN: No, no, no, not at all. I think it’s interesting. I love hearing the argument, but. But John Avlon, what’s the, what’s the Lucy and the football.

JOHN AVLON: The Lucy in the football of it is that that’s the eternal story of Donald Trump promising to testify and turn over documents. Right. It’s big bluster. But one of the one of the few things I think Donald Trump truly believes is: No one makes you take an oath before you go on TV. The idea of being honest instinctively doesn’t occur to him.

Watch the clip above CNN News Central.

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