Kristen Welker

WATCH: Trump Conspicuously Refuses to Answer Question About Jared and Ivanka Security Clearances

Watch Every Reporter, Pundit and Anchor Imaginable Call Trump’s Kim Meeting a ‘Failed Summit’

Tom Brokaw On Meet the Press: ‘The Hispanics Should Work Harder at Assimilation’

Trump On Border Wall Squabble: Democrats ‘Don’t Give a Damn About Crime’

Trump Expected to Submit His Answers to Mueller By Thanksgiving, NBC Reports

Katy Tur: Rudy Giuliani ‘Not a Reliable Operator’ in the Mueller Investigation

Trump Rips NBC After Kristen Welker Asks if He’s Giving ‘Upper Hand’ to Putin: ‘Possibly Worse Than CNN’

Nicolle Wallace Apologizes for ‘Poorly Chosen Words’ Asking If Reporters Want to Wring Sarah Sanders’ Neck

NBC’s Welker Grills Sanders on Aide’s McCain Comment: Does Trump ‘Bear Responsibility’ for Setting WH Tone?

Despite Spicer’s Claims, Trump Suggests the Word ‘Ban’ Is Appropriate: ‘Call It What You Want’

Spicer Defends Detaining Five-Year-Old Iranian, Suggests He Could Have Posed a Threat

Sean Spicer Denies CIA ‘Black Site’ Memo Reports: ‘It Is Not a White House Document’

NBC News Uses Stock Photo of Labour Party British Politician For Story on Flu Season

MSNBC Reporter: Bill Clinton’s Anniversary Tweet Meant to ‘Counter’ Personal Attacks

MSNBC Reporters Gush About ‘Presidential’ Trump’s ‘Strong’ Visit to Mexico

Morning Joe Regular on Black Pro-Trump Pastor: ‘That Guy’s Nuts!’

‘Inappropriate’: MSNBC Anchor Confronts Trump Surrogate Over Clinton Blackface Cartoon

Here’s Why Clinton Foundation Must Restrict Donations if Hillary Is Elected

Trump Spox Pierson Diagnoses Hillary Clinton With Brain Damage in MSNBC Interview

Katrina Pierson Blames Technical Malfunction for Trump Lawyer’s Stunned Silence on Polls

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