comScore Alexandra Rojas on CNN: No One Here Wants a Donald Trump Win

CNN Guest During Election Coverage: ‘There’s Nobody Here That Doesn’t Want Donald Trump to be Defeated’

As CNN watched the Democratic primary results roll in on Tuesday night, Justice Democrats executive director Alexandra Rojas joined the network’s coverage and proclaimed that no one on set wants President Donald Trump to win re-election.

Rojas was on as a surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked her how the campaign will move forward as former Vice President Joe Biden was poised to win Florida and Illinois.

“What I think that means right now is that millennials, we want Donald Trump to be defeated too,” Rojas said. “I think there’s nobody here that doesn’t want Donald Trump to be defeated. I think the question that I would ask to Joe Biden, as the presumptive nominee who needs to also focus on unifying the party, is the fact that millennials are going through their second recession right now. You have to be able to appeal to them.”

Rojas was on the table with Democratic former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who has endorsed Biden, and former Obama adviser David Axelrod.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger did not object, however, to Rojas’ all-encompassing statement on how the panel felt about the president.

Watch above, via CNN.

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