CNN Panel Goes Off on Ivanka Trump Clearance Report: GOP ‘Would Have Gone Bonkers’ If It Was Chelsea Clinton


CNN tonight broke news that President Donald Trump not only got personally involved in overturning officials’ concerns to get Jared Kushner his top-secret security clearance, but that he pressured John Kelly and Don McGahn to grant one to his daughter Ivanka Trump “against their recommendations.”

The First Daughter and White House advisor denied the president got involved in an interview last month.

On CNN tonight, Jeffrey Toobin said that “nepotism is one of the guiding forces” for Trump.

He told Anderson Cooper that the president certainly has the authority to grant those clearances, but this all just raises the question of what the concerns were that almost kept Trump and Kushner from getting them.

Cooper asked, “If Hillary Clinton had one and she gave Chelsea Clinton a high-level security clearance over the objection of her White House chief counsel, the chief of staff, and Chelsea Clinton’s husband who’s also involved in finances also got a security clearance, wouldn’t Republicans justifiably be screaming from the rooftops?”

Former RNC chief of staff Mike Shields argued that Trump “ran with his family” and they were involved on the campaign. Cooper directly asked the question again and said there’s no way Republicans would have been okay with Chelsea Clinton doing everything Ivanka Trump is.

Shields defended Kushner and said he has a big portfolio in the White House right now. When Cooper asked if it’s appropriate for Kushner to “have business relationships with the same people that he now is apparently dealing with on a diplomatic basis,” Shields said, “I think that stuff has to be sorted out. I think that there’s clear lines they will tell you that they have drawn on those issues.”

Kirsten Powers answered Cooper’s question and stated, “If the same thing happened with Chelsea Clinton, Republicans would have gone bonkers. First of all, if she had just ever been offered a job in the White House, they would have gone crazy over that.”

You can watch the segment above, via CNN.

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