CNN Panel Heats Up: Trump is Treating Migrants Like the ‘Bubonic Plague’


A CNN panel got heated Saturday evening.

The topic was President Donald Trump‘s proposal to ship detained migrants to sanctuary cities.

S.E. Cupp acknowledged many people in Trump’s base probably approve of the plan and even admitted it sounded like something her dad would come up with.

Yet, as she noted, the proposal is “illegal” and “illogical.”

Then, turning to conservative political commentator Ben Ferguson, the CNN host asked: “What’s the point of politics of revenge?”

Ferguson argued the White House doesn’t see it as revenge before turning talk to Democrats who he insisted claim the crisis at the border is “manufactured.”

Cupp did not seem convinced by Ferguson’s defense of Trump and the White House.

“The president of the United States can’t do that with hundreds of thousands of people,” Cupp said.

Jumping in, former DNC Communications Director Maria Cardona then stressed Democrats do know that there is a crisis at the border and acknowledge it is a “humanitarian crisis.”

Then, she said this: “The president is treating these migrants as if they were the bubonic plague or they were biochem weapon to be released into sanctuary cities. To do what? What does he hope they will do? If he thinks they’re MS-13 gang members and criminals, does he hope they’re going to kill American citizens and therefore get back at Democrats?”

Ferguson interjected to say it was “absurd.”

Cardona then noted that Trump “offered a pardon to the new Head of Homeland security for him to break the law,” prompting further debate.

Watch above, via CNN

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