CNN Torpedoes Trump: ‘Be Better’ and Stop ‘Tweeting Fake Videos That Exploit Innocent Children’


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The Twitter feed operated by the CNN communications pushed back hard on President Donald Trump after the commander in chief tweeted out a clearly fake CNN clip of two toddlers — one black, the other white — running after one another from a popular right-wing meme account to “prevent fake news dumpster fires.”

CNN’s PR department called out Trump’s literal “fake news” tweet, noting that the cable news network DID actually cover the original story as it happened, before pledging to “continue working with facts rather than tweeting fake videos that exploit innocent children.” They ended the tweet by inviting the president to also work with facts before directing him to “be better.”

Over an hour after the video was posted on Trump’s account, Twitter added a “manipulated media” warning label to the post that most immediately recognized as satire, though the social media platform described the video “deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm.”

A second Trump tweet targeting CNN several hours later was similarly labeled as manipulated media.

As CNN noted, they did cover the viral story of the two toddlers hugging, the report of which you can see below.

So in this twisted hall of mirrors of satire and allegations of fake news, CNN did actually cover the interracial toddler hug in the faithful manner it deserved, but the president, in an effort to make some sort of larger point about bias in cable news, promoted a doctored video that intentionally misrepresented how the cable news covered the story.

UPDATE 06/19: Jim Acosta, a subject of the second fake CNN tweet, responded that the tweet is “bizarre” and “bogus.”

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