CNN’s Burnett Grills GOP Rep. On ‘Spygate’: What Will it Take For You To Say Trump is ‘Full Of It’?

CNN’s Erin Burnett did not have much patience for GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin‘s linguistic acrobatics attempting to defend President Donald Trump‘s claim that the FBI was spying on his campaign for political purposes.

Burnett cited Zeldin’s colleague Rep. Tom Rooney, who said that “Spygate” was just another “thing to tweet about that he knows isn’t true.”

She then asked Zeldin if Rooney had a point.

“You have at least one person who was sent to the campaign who was meeting with members of the Trump campaign that at the beginning of this counterintelligence effort before they sat down with Donald Trump, the nominee, to let him know that they were,” Zeldin said. “Whether you want to call that someone was there surveilling, infiltrating, spying, informing, there’s a lot of different words getting thrown around. The fact is there was a person sent there by the government.”

Burnett replied: “There’s a really big difference, congressman, between sending someone… to spy on, to help Hillary Clinton, which is what the president specifically alleged… [that’s] extremely different than someone saying ‘hey, guess what, we think Russians are trying to get into campaign. Why don’t you just go find out what’s going on there.'”

Zeldin was undeterred.

“I’m one of these people throughout this entire process, I’m in favor of more information being provided, not less,” Zeldin maintained. “I would like to see as much of that FISA application be declassified as possible and let the American public read it and decide for themselves.”

Burnett noted that several of Zeldin’s colleagues who had been briefed by the FBI on the bureau’s actions did not see any evidence supporting the claim it acted in a biased manner, including Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Trey Gowdy.

“I do believe that the president when he says that his campaign was being spied on, his definition, his use of the word and many other people who are calling it spying, that it’s being consistent, not misleading,” Zeldin said.

That’s when Burnett went in for the kill.

“You’re trying to make a case and I get it. You’re supporting your guy. You’re supporting Trump,” she said. “But all the other people who have seen the intelligence in your own party are saying there’s just no there there. I’m wondering what it will take for you, Congressman Zeldin, to say he’s full of it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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