CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Compares Trump to Kim Jong Un: They’re Using the Same Leadership Guide


As White House officials line up to tout their denials of any involvement with a New York Times op-ed from an anonymous dissenter within the administration, Jeffrey Toobin felt President Donald Trump had taken a page from the handbook of a dictator.

“He has been reading the leadership guide written by Kim Jong Un where each person has to pledge their fealty to the dear leader,” Toobin, a CNN analyst, told the network’s Jake Tapper Thursday, less than 24 hours after the op-ed emerged.

The piece, written by an individual only identified as a senior White House official, describes a coordinated resistance within Trump’s administration where staffers work together to foster stability and enforce democratic values as the president’s competency remains in question by his critics.

According to CNN, the candid editorial has so shaken the administration that the statements of innocence have been printed and delivered to Trump.

Ron Brownstein, another of the network’s political analysts, appeared to agree with Toobin’s assessment, noting that “the officials look as though they are playing for an audience of one.”

While Trump has railed against the anonymous staffer on Twitter, suggesting he or she may have committed treason while wondering whether the individual exists, in which case he has demanded the name be revealed.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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