CNN’s John Avlon and Margaret Hoover Slam GOP, Fox News’ Focus on Dr. Seuss: ‘This Is Not A Cancel Culture Moment; It’s a Distraction Play’


CNN commentators John Avlon and Margaret Hoover were highly critical of Fox News’ recent focus on stories about Dr. Seuss books, in a segment on CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera.

Cabrera introduced the topic by commenting that the “hugely consequential” Covid relief bill was moving through Congress right now, but “it’s amazing how much time Fox News dedicated to talking about Dr. Seuss.”

After playing several recent Fox News clips, Cabrera remarked, “All I can say is, wow.”

Hoover replied that she thought that the reason Fox News was spending so much time on Dr. Seuss books because Republicans were experiencing a failure of ideas.

“They’re not talking about ideas because their ideas are falling flat,” said Hoover. “It has to be a war, a cult of personality around [former President] Donald Trump and the culture war.  They’re trying to use the culture wars to unify the base of the party and that’s all they’ve got.”

Avlon agreed with his wife, noting that it wasn’t just Fox News, but also Republicans in Congress who were devoting a lot of time to the cancel culture discussion.

“Let’s have a reality check about Dr. Seuss for one second. And I love Dr. Seuss. It was not canceled, okay?” said Avlon, noting that Seuss’ estate had made their own decision to stop publishing several books “because they contained illustrations that most people, if looking at them objectively would say, ooh, that’s pretty racist.”

Avlon added that those who were loudly defending those particular books weren’t actually using the specific images that made people feel uncomfortable.

“This is not a cancel culture moment,” Avlon declared. “This is a distraction play and should not be occupying so much head space. But it is, because it’s a proxy for real policy.”

Cabrera agreed, noting that the Fox News commentators had read a lot of clips from Green Eggs and Ham, which wasn’t even one of the books being pulled from publication.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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