John Avlon

WATCH: CNN’s John Avlon Breaks Down Past ‘Few Months of Belated Blackface Awareness’

CNN’s John Avlon: Nothing Says Socialism Like Trump’s Plan to Seize Private Property for a Border Wall

CNN’s John Avlon Delivers Harsh Reality Check on Trump’s End of Year Numbers – Compared to Predecessors

Rick Santorum: Trump’s Syria Withdrawal is a ‘Horrible Piece of Foreign Policy’

CNN’s John Avlon: Trump is the ‘Prime Driver of Chaos and Instability’ in the U.S. Today

CNN’s John Avlon Breaks Down Trump’s ‘62% Senior Staff Turnover’: A ‘Fine-Tuned Machine?’

CNN’s John Avlon: George H.W. Bush Eulogies Were an ‘Implicit Dis’ at Trump

CNN’s New Day Says New Trump Ad Smacks of Willie Horton: ‘Roger Ailes Haunts Our Politics Still’

Trump ‘Driving Enthusiasm’ Through Fear: Here’s What Pundits Are Saying About the Election, 1 Week Out

CNN’s John Avlon on Trump’s Andrew Gillum Tweet: ‘This is Stone Cold Racism’

CNN’s New Day Rips Fox News For Fueling Trump’s Iran Conspiracy Theory: It’s a ‘Discredited News Org’

CNN’s John Avlon Condemns Trump’s Tweet on Russian Meddling: He’s ‘Parroting Putin’

CNN Panel Tears Into Maxine Waters For ‘Outrageous’ Rhetoric: Stoking ‘Mob Mentality on the Left’

CNN’s John Avlon Decodes Trump’s Praise of Kim: ‘Tough’ Really Means ‘Killing a Lot of People’

CNN’s John Avlon Blasts Old Boss: ‘Pathetic’ and ‘Disgraceful’ of Giuliani to Call Mueller Probe a ‘Lynch Mob’

John Avlon Joins CNN Full Time, Noah Shachtman Named Daily Beast’s New Editor

The Daily Beast is Buzzing With Solid Scoops and An Editor Who Knows How to Spread The Word

CNN’s Cuomo, John Avlon Praise Selection of Giuliani For Trump’s Legal Team: POTUS ‘Needs His Expertise’

CNN’s New Day Breaks Down Trump White House Firings and Scandals: Rex Lasted 42 ‘Scaramuccis’

John Avlon Says Trump’s Rally ‘Demeans the Presidency’: ‘It’s Not a Traveling Medicine Show’

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