CNN’s New Day Grills WikiLeaks Editor on Assange: Did You Get DNC Emails From Russia?


CNN’s John Berman and and Alisyn Camerota put WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson under pressure on Thursday as they questioned him on whether Julian Assange‘s arrest in London was connected to the 2016 hack of the DNC’s servers.

Assange was taken into custody earlier Thursday after the Ecuadorian government revoked his asylum status after seven years of him living at their London embassy. The Department of Justice has since announced they’re charging Assange with “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” over his aiding Chelsea Manning‘s release of classified information from the Department of Defense.

When Hrafnsson joined New Day, he started by calling the arrest “an outrageous thing,” but he wasn’t surprised since “we knew that there was a secret sealed indictment that now has come forth, an indictment for — for basically doing what journalists should be doing, that is publishing truthful information.”

From there, Berman and Camerota took turns questioning Hrafnsson on whether the arrest has anything to do with Russia’s 2016 election-meddling that supposedly provided WikiLeaks with hacked documents from the DNC. Hrafnsson insisted the current charges all have to do with Manning’s leaks. The CNN hosts continued to question Hrafnsson about the documents published during the 2016 campaign, with Berman asking: “if you didn’t get those documents from [Russian intelligence], where did you get it from?”

“Julian Assange has answered that question,” said Hrafnsson. “He said the source of the documents that were published in 2016 were not from a state actor and was not from a Russian.”

The conversation continued with questions about Roger Stone‘s connection to WikiLeaks, and why the Trump administration is taking action against Assange now.

Watch above, via CNN.

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