CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and John Berman Role Play Bonkers Giuliani Interview

The hosts of CNN’s New Day Alisyn Camerota and John Berman engaged in a “dramatic reading” of a recent New Yorker interview with Rudy Giuliani that is another in a long line of apparent missteps made by President Donald Trump’s personal attorney.

During the New Yorker interview, Giuliani responded to a question about how he knew that the Robert Mueller disputed BuzzFeed story was false, Giuliani said:

Because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the e-mails, and I knew none existed. And then, basically, when the special counsel said that, just in case there are any others I might not know about, they probably went through others and found the same thing.

After  The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner asked him to explain what tapes he meant, Giuliani immediately backtracked, saying “I shouldn’t have said tapes.” Giuliani insisted, “They alleged there were texts and e-mails that corroborated that Cohen was saying the President told him to lie. There were no texts, there were no e-mails, and the President never told him to lie.”

Camerota and Berman clearly enjoy their roles in bringing news to viewers of their morning news show and the roleplay acting of the Giuliani interview was at once informative and entertaining, or “informtaining” as some are saying. (No one is actually saying that word…yet.)

Watch above via CNN.

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