CNN’s Toobin Rebukes Trump’s McCabe Tweet: ‘The Correct Term Is Not Treasonous, But Patriotic’


On Monday night, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin rebuked President Donald Trump for calling the actions of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a “very illegal act and a “treasonous ‘insurance policy’ in full action!”

Trump — responding to McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview —  slammed both Rosenstein and McCabe in a pair of Monday morning tweets.

Responding to Trump’s tweets during a CNN panel, Toobin first said that the men were not guilty of treason but were instead patriots.

“I think the correct term is not treasonous, but patriotic,” Toobin explained. “I mean, they are thinking about the national security of the United States.”

He added: “These are all career officials. These are not Democratic political appointees. These are people whose job it is to care about the national security of the United States and, remember, all this evidence has only gotten stronger over the past two years.”

Then, hammering his point home, Toobin continued on: “You know, [Rep.] Adam Schiff is now conducting an investigation to determine, in effect, if the president is a Russian asset. This remains a serious concern and there is much more evidence to support this idea. They didn’t even know at the time all the business deals that were going on between Russia and Trump during 2016. All those discussions about Trump Tower and Moscow, I mean, the idea that they were treasonous is 180 degrees wrong.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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