CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Points Out ‘One Thing in Common’ With Bomb Targets: All ‘Critical’ of Trump


On CNN on Wednesday, anchors Wolf Blitzer, Poppy Harlow, and Jim Sciutto discussed a “motive” in the explosive devices and suspicious packages that have been mailed to a number of targets in the last two days, including George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), and mentioned more than once that these people have one thing “in common.” That thing being the enmity of Donald Trump.

“It’s important to note, Jim and Poppy,” said Blitzer as he listed to whom the packages had been addressed, in each case noting that the person has been “critical” of Trump. “It looks like there’s a pattern that’s unfolding right now.”

“No question,” said Sciutto. “They’re all, on that list, you’ve just listed a number of folks who the president has accused of being unfair to him, that the president has publicly attacked at times.”

“Look Wolf, this is a point that Jim and I were privately discussing as we were going to air and as this came out, and you never want to jump to any conclusions, our job is to bring you the facts,” said Harlow. “That is what we are doing here. But this is a fact pattern that is indisputable that shows you that all of these targets are indeed targets where, the president has been critical of.”

Sciutto says that as police look into the events, they look for commonalities and an “MO.”

“Then you begin to look at motive,” he continued. “It’s very early in this, but when you look at that list it certainly has one thing in common, Wolf. And that something… folks that have been on the list, folks and organizations that the President attacks.”

“It’s early and clearly things could change, but that’s a disturbing development,” said Blitzer.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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