Conan: I Scream, You Scream… We All Scream For These Poor Local News Anchors

We feel for local news anchors and reporters, particularly during the slow summer cycle, when stories about adorable ducks crossing the street or dogs wearing party hats dominate the news. To that end, TBS’ Conan O’Brien offered a supercut of various local news anchors reciting the same exact line about ice cream.

“I scream, you scream… you know the rest.” The rest, in this case, being “we all scream until our eyeballs bleed and our meticulously Aqua Net-molded helmets of hair spontaneously burst into flame. And then we scream some more. We scream until all other sound and sight gives away, we scream until there is only darkness. Darkness and pain. And, still, we scream. Back to you, Cindy.”

Have a look, via TBS:

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