‘How Dare You Bring My Family Into This!’ Sparks Fly Between Curtis Sliwa and Eric Adams at NYC Mayoral Debate


Things got ugly in the final debate between Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa on Tuesday night.

Sliwa, who is the founder and head of the Guardian Angels, an crime prevention organization consisting of unarmed civilians, faked a series of crimes in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In once instance, Sliwa claimed he had been kidnapped when he had not. Sliwa admitted the crimes were fake in 1992.

In a question to Adams, one of the debate moderators noted that Adams had called Sliwa a “clown.” The moderator also referenced the false claims and asked, “Why should voters in New York trust you?”

Sliwa responded by saying the “clown” moniker “is so beneath you, Eric Adams.”

He added, “Did I make mistakes early on? Yes, and I’ve apologized for them. But talking about faking, you fake where you live, Eric Adams. We still don’t know where you live.”

Sliwa was referencing the fact that there have been serious questions raised as to whether Adams, a former NYPD officer and currently Brooklyn borough president, actually lives in the city or New Jersey.

“You live in Jersey, most people say,” Sliwa continued. “And then you blame a homeless person for your accounting problems with the IRS.”

The moderator laughed and ask Adams if he wanted to respond and boy did he.

“I think New Yorkers are seeing the example of the clown-like actions. Hey listen, we’re not his circus, New Yorkers. And yes, I praised the Guardian Angels, but it devastated me after protecting their right to patrol the subways to find out that they were faking crimes. New Yorkers, understand this, it is a crime to fake a crime. He faked a kidnap, he faked a robbery. He faked that he found a gun. He hid money so he would not have to pay child support.”

“Oh that is scurrilous that you would say that!” Sliwa shot back. “That is scurrilous that you would say that I hid money. I paid every penny of my child support for my three sons, Anthony, Carter, and Hunter. How dare you bring my family into this! I haven’t at all brought your family into your problems. Please, show some discipline! A modicum of civility. Keep our families out of this! Sheesh!”

In 2013, Sliwa’s ex-wife sued him and alleged he scammed her out of more than $400,000 in child support.

Watch above via ABC 7.

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