David Shulkin: Trump Scheduled Meeting With Me For Day After My Twitter Firing


Ex-Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin refuted the White House’s claims he resigned from the administration in an interview with Meet The Press on Sunday, telling host Chuck Todd his ousting came as a “surprise.”

Not only did Shulkin have no idea he would be removed from his post at the VA, but he said he spoke with Trump hours before the president announced his firing in a tweet, and scheduled a meeting with him for the very next day.

“We spoke the day he sent the tweet out,” Shulkin said Sunday. “Just a few hours before. We talked a lot about issues at V.A. That were important and how we could continue to make progress on policy issues.”

“Did you know after the conversation you were going to be fired?” Todd asked.

“No, I did not,” Shulkin replied. “In fact, we had set up a meeting for the very next day where I was going to meet with him at 11 in the morning.”

The secretary’s statement on his dismissal arrived a day after White House spokeswoman Lindsey Walters told Politico, “Secretary Shulkin resigned from his position as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Whether he was fired or resigned has far more severe implications than a typical game of words: the president is given broad authority to replace federal posts if an official “dies, resigns, or is otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the office.”

Check out Shulkin’s interview with Meet The Press above.

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