‘Deadly Misinformation’: Brianna Keilar Unleashes on Fox News, Limbaugh, and Others for Pushing Viewers to Dismiss Pandemic


CNN host Brianna Keilar unleashed on members of the conservative media, including several Fox News opinion hosts, Rush Limbaugh, and others for pushing “deadly misinformation” and encouraging viewers to “dismiss the severity of the virus.”

Keilar opened her segment by playing clips of Limbaugh and Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel comparing the coronavirus to the common cold and the flu in March, accusing them of downplaying the pandemic. She also blamed Fox News opinion hosts for villainizing the World Health Organization (WHO), playing a Fox News clip of Siegel calling them alarmists.

“The 1918 second wave, I’ve been monitoring Australia and so has Dr. Fauci, you know how many cases are in Australia today? Eleven. Only 11 new cases. That’s the southern hemisphere. That’s essentially our November right now,” Siegel said in another clip.

“It predicts we’re not going to have a big second wave. When children our go back to school there’s going to be plenty of testing. We’re going to test teachers, we’re going to test students. We have very mild, mild cases among our young or asymptomatic. But we’re going to keep an eye on them. ”

Keilar predicted that this is why both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence do not believe the U.S. will see a second wave of the virus — playing a clip of the president praising Siegel as his voice of reason throughout the pandemic.

Keilar also bashed conservative personalities and former Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk for pushing conspiracies that the U.S. is conflating the death toll to make the president look bad. Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone on the record to claim it is actually the opposite – the number of cases is likely higher.

The CNN host went after Fox News host Laura Ingraham and other contributors for touting hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure, later playing clips from medical experts, including Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, claiming the drug cannot be used as a vaccine.

She then bashed Tucker Carlson and other members of Fox News for questioning Fauci’s expertise — playing a May 13 clip of Carlson calling him “more off base than your average epidemiologist.”

“Instead of embracing Fauci, he embraces as doctor who says hydroxychloroquine is a cure, which it’s not, and claims that sex with demons is to blame for gynecological problems,” Keilar said, referring to the president’s praise of Dr. Stella Immanuel, whom both Trump and Donald Trump Jr. promoted on Twitter.

“Often when the president lies or makes a completely false claim, his peddlers will continue it,” she added before playing a clip of Limbaugh claiming Trump is right to say children are immune from the virus. “They’re not. And that is just a small snapshot. It’s not just a deadly virus that is spreading here, it is deadly misinformation as well.”

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