Dem Rep Calls Out ‘Coward’ Kevin McCarthy: ‘Grow a Spine’ and Stand Up to QAnon, Other Extremists in House GOP Caucus


Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern (MA) called out the Republican Party for not renouncing and expelling QAnon-believing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and specifically condemned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) as “coward” for not ousting her.

The Georgia Congresswoman has been exposed numerous times in the past few days as publicly stalking political opponents or advocating political violence against high-profile Democrats, including a direct call for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be executed for alleged treason. On Thursday night, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon condemned as “vile garbage” comments Greene made about Black and Hispanic men joining gangs in a video.

Greene remains unapologetic about her toxic, incendiary remarks — although she has been slowly deleting them from social media — and McCarthy said earlier this week that he would have a conversation with the newly-elected extremist Congresswoman about her violent, threatening remarks.

Speaking with CNN host Anderson Cooper, McGovern, who is chair of the House Rules Committee, called McCarthy a “coward” and reiterated his call for Greene to resign from Congress.

“He’s afraid to take on people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and the most extreme elements of his party,” McGovern said. “The people who buy into these crazy conspiracy theories, these QAnon theories, and I think he thinks that that’s where the energy and the excitement in the Republican Party is right now. And it really is sad because the party of Lincoln has become the party of conspiracy theories.”

Cooper then pointed out that, rather than condemning or ostracizing her for her violence-endorsing rhetoric, Greene’s GOP colleagues were thanking her in a recent conference call, after she pledged to transfer $175,000 from her campaign to the NRCC.

“What she’s said and the way she’s behaved is appalling. She’s not alone in that,” McGovern said. “She’s embraced conspiracy theories questioning the authenticity of the school shootings in Sandy Hook and Parkland. I met with the parents of both the shootings and it was heartbreaking… To have someone like her question this terrible tragedy is offensive. It is sick. And, you know, she’s embraced posts that have threatened my colleagues including the Speaker of the House.”

“She has dishonored her office, she has dishonored the institution, she should resign and Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leadership, should urge her to resign. Certainly, they shouldn’t be putting her on the Education Committee,” he added. “The bottom line is they’re afraid to stand up, Kevin McCarthy needs to grow a spine for the good of the Republican Party and the good of the country.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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