Multiple Senate Democrats Decry FBI Investigation: ‘This Whole Thing Is a Sham’

Capitol Police Arrest Suspect in Doxing of Republican Senators

Ben Sasse Scolds Congress During Kavanaugh Hearing, Invokes Schoolhouse Rock

Richard Painter Slams Congress for Doing ‘Nothing’ in Wake of Trump’s ‘Very Bad’ Week: ‘It’s Pathetic’

Trump Taking Credit for the GOP’s Narrow Win in Ohio Is Absurd Even by His Twitter Standards

Morning Joe Diagnoses GOP House Midterm Election Prospects And It’s Not Looking Good

DNC Bails on RNC and Long-standing Softball Game Tradition

Pentagon Reportedly Starting Work on Trump’s Space Force Without Congressional Approval

House Member Rants About Public’s Disdain for Congress: At Least We’re More Popular Than ‘Ebola’

Strzok Delivers Fiery Speech: My Anti-Trump Texts Were a Response to His ‘Horrible, Disgusting Behavior’

New Pruitt Scandal Hit Just As He Quit: Aide Fired For Questioning Legality of Doctoring Records

Trump Goes After Congress in Wild Anti-Immigration Tweetstorm: ‘Tell the People, OUT’

Feds Say They Lost Track of Nearly 1,500 Migrant Children in the U.S.

Dem Rep. Al Green: I’ve Spoken to a GOP Member of Congress Who’s ‘Strongly Considering Impeachment’

Pols Call for Action After Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Horrifying Inaction of Congress’ Is ‘Green Light’ for Shooters

PA Rep Patrick Meehan Resigns, Pledges to Pay Back $39,000 Amid Sexual Harassment Probe

Democrats Roar as French President Macron Declares U.S. Will One Day Rejoin Paris Climate Accord

WATCH LIVE: French President Emmanuel Macron Addresses Congress

Longtime GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Announces He’s Moving Forward Retirement

Greg Gutfeld Torches Congress For Tech-Illiterate Grilling of Mark Zuckerberg: ‘We Need Term Limits BADLY’

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