Diamond & Silk Call Out Rep. Steve Cohen’s Fried Chicken Stunt as … ‘Racially Insensitive’?

Fox Nation personalities Diamond & Silk appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning and called out Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) in a curious manner.

For those blissfully unaware, Cohen played the fool Thursday morning during a brief House Judiciary Committee hearing cut short by the absence of Attorney General William Barr. Cohen called Barr a “chicken” for skipping the hearing, then brought a ceramic chicken and a bucket of KFC as props to make that point. He then mugged media who took photos of the Representative presumably delighted by the attention.

When asked about this squirrelly behavior, however, Diamond & Silk called it out as “racially insensitive” presumably because the preference of fried chicken has, in fact, long been a racially insensitive trope among African-American communities. What was missing in D&S assessment, however, is the fact that neither Barr nor Cohen are people of color, so it’s difficult to see where race enters into this equation.

The general reaction to this segment can best be summed up perhaps by Media Matter’s Bobby Lewis, who tweeted:

Watch above, via Fox News.

Update: this post has been edited to more accurately describe Diamond & Silk’s relationship with Fox News.

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