Don Lemon to Conservative Radio Host: ‘As an Independent,’ ‘You’re Ruining Your Brand’ Over Obamacare

A heated exchange over the Affordable Care Act and whether Republicans opposition to that law justifies the government shutdown broke out on CNN on Friday. At the conclusion of a debate over the law’s problems, CNN anchor Don Lemon told a protesting conservative radio host Larry Elder that, “as an independent,” the GOP was “ruining” its brand.

Towards the end of a segment about the necessity of the health care reform law, Elder insisted that “74 percent of small business people believe that Obamacare is a bad idea.”

“That’s not true,” Lemon insisted. “Because many people wanted it to be stronger when it came to single payer.”

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Elder protested that he said “small business people” rather than adults or registered voters, but Lemon stopped him in order to make a larger point..

“[As] someone who is independent, I’m telling you the Republican Party needs to take a good, long look in the mirror over this issue,” Lemon said. “I don’t understand why you can’t see that.”

“You are ruining your brand,” he concluded, emphasizing every word for effect. “You need brand management.”

“They want to die on the hill to prevent people from getting health insurance,” Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen insisted.

Elder continued to protest even as Lemon transitioned into another subject.

Watch the clip blow via CNN:

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