Donald Trump Denies Details of Unconfirmed Memo: I’m ‘Very Much a Germaphobe’

In his first press conference in over one hundred days, Donald Trump indirectly addressed some of the more salacious details of the unconfirmed memo released by Buzzfeed Tuesday, denying they ever happened.

A reporter asked Trump point-black if he had ever done anything in Moscow he later regretted and that the Russians could use to blackmail him.  Trump responded that he was “extremely careful” whenever he traveled abroad because of his high profile. In particular, he stated that he never trusted hotel rooms in places like Russia not to have secret cameras.

“I told many people, be careful,” he said, “because you don’t want to see yourself on television. Cameras all over the place.”

He then indirectly denied the most inflammatory of the accusations, which included a hotel bed and generous amounts of body fluid. “Does anyone really believe that story? I’m also very much a germaphobe, by the way, believe me,” Trump said to laughter.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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