Sam Nunberg Gives Bonkers Interview to MSNBC: ‘I Think My Lawyer’s Gonna Dump Me’


Minutes after the Washington Post reported that he was refusing to go before the grand jury despite being subpoenaed to appear this coming Friday, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg called into MSNBC and had what can only be described as an absolutely insane phone call with Katy Tur.

Telling Tur that he was snubbing his nose at the grand jury and the special counsel because what they sent him was “absolutely ridiculous,” Nunberg noted that they wanted emails he exchanged with longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone.

“Roger is my mentor,” he declared. “Roger is like family to me. I’m not going to do it.”

And off to the races they went! Nunberg continued to make amazing comment after insane remark, with Tur just listening on in disbelief. Just check out this exchange:

Tur: “If you’re going to defy a grand jury subpoena, are you worried about being in held of contempt of court?”

Nunberg: “Let’s see what Mr. Mueller does.”

Tur: “Are you worried about getting arrested?”

Nunberg: “I think it would be funny if they arrested me.”

Tur: “If you’re held in contempt of court, wouldn’t you have higher legal bills?”

Nunberg: “I think it would be really, really funny that they wanted to arrest me because I didn’t want to spend 80 hours going over e-mails that I had with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.”

At one point, after Nunberg said that Donald Trump getting involved in conservative politics wasn’t good for his business, the ex-Trump advisor added “I think my lawyer’s gonna dump me right now.”

There would be even more bonkers revelations from this off-the-rails call, including Nunberg stating that Trump may have done something during the election.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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