Embarrassing Wheel Of Fortune Fail: Contestant Completely Bungles Johnny Cash Song Title

Game show fails are a dime-a-dozen now, but this one is pretty funny, especially if you are a music lover.

On last night’s edition of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant excitedly declared that she wanted to solve the “song/artist” puzzle and then proceeded to absolutely botch the title of what was arguably the late Johnny Cash‘s most popular song, 1956’s “I Walk the Line.”

“I’ll solve the puzzle,” she said, looking at a board that read: “I _A__ THE _INE BY J_HNNY _ASH”

Seems pretty easy, no? Her answer: “I Have The Wine By Johnny Cash.”

The only possible way this could have been remotely near-correct was if her entire knowledge of Cash’s famous song was based on some sort of booze-themed “Weird Al” Yankovic parody track. Not only was “I Walk the Line” Cash’s first number-one single, but it was also the title of a biographical film that sold a whole boatload of tickets and garnered a ton of awards.

So, uhh, pretty embarrassing.

(To be fair, the next guy didn’t fare much better, getting greedy by spinning again and losing the round on a “bankrupt” card.)

Watch below, via WABC-NY:

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