Erick Erickson Dishes on Unnamed GOP Rep Who Bashed Trump in ‘Forest Gump’ Rant: ‘He’s Tired of Defending the Guy’


Like many people who read about the congressman who called President Donald Trump an “evil, really fucking stupid Forrest Gump,” CNN’s Erin Burnett wanted to grill conservative writer Erick Erickson on who this mysterious congressman might be.

“Obviously, he was, you know, one of those at the Facebook hearing from what you’re saying. But can you tell us a state or anything else that he’s from?” Burnett asked.

“I promised him I would keep him secret,” Erickson replied. “We talked, had a good conversation, and he knew I was going to quote him But I would prefer to protect him, particularly just given, I think, his voters and others, particularly the congressional leadership would be upset with him for venting.”

“He is not on the Judiciary Committee. I will tell you that,” he added.

Erickson also said that this congressman, like many others, has grown weary of defending Trump’s decisions.

“He’s tired of defending the guy, even though he does, because he doesn’t want to win re-election or have a primary challenge,” Erickson explained. “I’ve heard from a lot of people today with the story, you know, this happens in the green rooms everywhere. Republican congressmen say nice things about the president on TV only to bash him in the green room.”

“I think we’re reaching kind of a boiling point with Republican frustration at the president over Mueller, Syria, and everything else,” he continued.

The congressman also said that he would vote to impeach Trump, if that vote ever came to the floor.

Watch above, via CNN.

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