‘Everything He Says Is False’: CDC Director Robert Redfield Overheard Expressing Alarm About New Covid-19 Task Force Member


Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield was overheard in public as he voiced major concerns about one of President Donald Trump’s closest advisers on the White House coronavirus task force.

NBC News released an article saying one of their reporters listened in on a phone call Redfield made during a commercial flight from Atlanta to Washington. During this conversation, Redfield bashed Dr. Scott Atlas by groaning to a colleague that the Trump pandemic adviser has shared false opinions and misleading information with the president numerous times throughout the coronavirus crisis.

“Everything he says is false,” Redfield said on the phone. He also confirmed after the flight that he was speaking about Atlas at the time.

NBC notes that Atlas was a frequent Fox News guest before he became part of Trump’s coronavirus task force, and often offered opinions that comported with those of the president. Atlas and Redfield have quarreled in the past over the efficacy of wearing masks, plus Atlas has contradicted other health experts with regard to herd immunity, reopening schools, and the dangers that the coronavirus presents to younger people.

“If every one of us” wore a mask, Redfield said to Monica Alba, “this pandemic would be over in eight to 12 weeks.” He also warned “we’re nowhere near the end” in terms of moving the country beyond the virus.

A CDC spokesman sent a statement to NBC saying “NBC News is reporting one side of a private phone conversation by CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield that was overheard on a plane from Atlanta Hartsfield airport. Dr. Redfield was having a private discussion regarding a number of points he has made publicly about Covid-19.”

Here’s the statement Atlas offered in response to Redfield.

“Everything I have said is directly from the data and the science. It echoes what is said by many of the top medical scientists in the world, including those at Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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