FNC Contrib Explains Difference Between ‘Conservative,’ ‘Leftist’ Protesters: Liberals ‘Maim’ And ‘Rape’

FNC Contributor: 'Leftist' Protesters 'Maim' And 'Rape'

On Friday, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade spoke with Fox News contributor Steven Crowder about differences in demonstrations, specifically concerning the nation-wide Chick-fil-A and Occupy Wall Street protests. Why? Because why not! This is the most important and necessary comparison of our time, maybe of anyone’s time.

“Steve, do you see a difference between the two?” asked Kilmeade. “Be honest.” Yes, Steve, please don’t succumb to your characteristic reticence and shyness.

“Conservatives and leftists protest in different ways,” said Crowder, immediately painting the “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” — and, reaching wider, the defense of a company’s ownership to exercise First Amendment rights — as a solely conservative concern, and Occupy Wall Street as an inherently leftist cause. “Conservatives, when they want their voices heard, they decide to effect real political change by making their voices heard through voting with their dollars. Liberals decide to commit felonies and harass and assault and maim and rape their fellow occupiers in tents while tipping over police cars. So there’s a little bit of contrast.” Ah. A rotten apple, compared to a mossy orange. This segment is already perfect! If only we can somehow [FORESHADOWING] add Twitter, a celebrity, and some hypotheticals into the mix to make it super perfect.

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Kilmeade then showed video footage of a demonstrator who had ordered a “free water” at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru window and then told the restaurant employee that the reason he had ordered a free water and nothing more is because Chick-fil-A is “a hateful operation.”

“We don’t treat any of our customers differently,” the employee responded, later adding that it’s her pleasure to serve all the restaurant’s customers.

The man said he’d be on his way, but added that he didn’t understand how the young woman could continue working at “a horrible corporation with horrible values.” The chyron running under the clip read, somewhat curiously, “CHAOS RUN AMOK. Occupy’s confrontational revolt.” Again: Mushy apple infested with worms of intellectual dishonesty compared to an icky orange treated as an overblown, overwrought media fetish object.

“You got to be rude? You got to be nasty?” Kilmeade asked, later adding that the man filming the video was fired.

“Well, I mean, the only hateful person I hear in that clip is the angry gay man,” said Crowder (despite the fact that the man hadn’t been identified as gay in the segment). “Listen, this isn’t a gay or straight issue,” he immediately added. “Who you choose to sleep with has nothing to do with the First Amendment, which is the issue.”

If the owner of Pizza Hut were publicly burning Bibles, he continued, he would simply boycott Pizza Hut because “I’m not a Marxist idiot. I believe that people have the right to free speech.”

And then there was some nonsense about Rosie O’Donnell (a very important voice in this discussion, to be sure… we have all very obviously been desperately waiting on her to weigh in and then have people weigh in on her weighing in so we could ALL weigh in on the weighing in on this very important tangential argument about HYPOTHETICAL GAY CHILDREN) and OH MY GOD WHEN WILL THIS STORY DISAPPEAR, LIKE SO MANY WAFFLE FRIES DOWN THE HATCH.

Check out the segment, via Fox News:

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