Forget Keith Olbermann! Did Comcast Fire The NBC Peacock?

Ok, that headline’s a tad bit hyperbolic, but the peacock definitely got downgraded. The Los Angeles Times have a look at NBC Universal’s new corporate logo brought in by the new overlords at Comcast and the peacock is no where to be seen. He’ll still get be used to market NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC, it just looks like he won’t be invited into any board rooms. Huh. I wonder if the bird will be creating a Twitter account.

From the LA Times:

“Since 2004, when NBC acquired the Universal assets, the NBC Universal logo has been a peacock within a circle to signify the merged companies: NBC (the peacock), and the spinning planet that has long been Universal’s logo.

‘It seemed kind of busy,’ NBC Universal Chief Executive Steve Burke told employees during a town-hall meeting Thursday afternoon in New York, which was moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.”

Below you can see a comparison of the old and new logos. The real question now is why isn’t anyone writing hyperbolic headlines about the poor Universal globe? That guy must be really bummed.

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