Fox & Friends: ‘Border is in Chaos…Caravans Are Just Ganging Up at the Border’


Fox & Friends reminded viewers of the current conflict unfolding on the Southern U.S. border featuring yet another skirmish between American border patrol and migrants reportedly trying to illegally scale a border wall near Tijuana.

This comes amidst a remarkable political battle over the Trump administrations insistence on getting $5 Billion for a border wall to which the Republican-led Congress has not been able to pass, leading to a government shutdown that is close to two weeks old.

Border agents reportedly fired tear gas into Mexican territory to deter the migrants who were allegedly throwing rocks at the border agents. This most recent skirmish occur received much less coverage than the previous time that border skirmish that involved tear gas.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade pushed back on any criticism that President Donald Trump’s calling for a border wall was a midterm election issue before saying “Our border is in chaos. The caravans are just ganging up at the border. They are not moving. And the violence continues.”

It is fair to say that the majority of Fox & Friends viewers are firm believers in the need of a border wall. And this segment serves primarily to remind viewers of the current situation.

Watch the segment above courtesy of Fox News.

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