Fox News Anchor Blasts Jeff Bezos: ‘He’s Been Exposed as a Dirtbag and an Idiot’


Fox News anchor Julie Banderas has no sympathy for Jeff Bezos amid the Amazon founder’s feud with David Pecker and the National Enquirer.

Banderas spoke to legal analyst Jonna Spilbor on Monday about Bezos’ allegation that the Enquirer blackmailed and extorted him with sexts from his extramarital affair. When the two discussed whether the Enquirer is politically-motivated because of Pecker’s ties to President Donald Trump, Spilbor dismissed the notion flat-out — even accusing Bezos of bullying the Enquirer with his claims.

“Let’s start by saying I don’t think the White House cares one iota about Jeff Bezos’ junk,” Spilbor said. “Number two: who’s the bully here? When you read Jeff Bezos’ blog post where he tries to punch National Enquirer in the nose — the National Enquirer was doing what the National Enquirer does.”

When Spilbor suggested Bezos should have gone to the authorities instead of publishing the threats from the National Enquirer, Banderas shot back: “Well Jeff Bezos is trying to cover his rear end because he’s been exposed for being a dirt bag and idiot.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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