Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Lies About Infanticide Being Legal in New York and New Jersey


Another day, another lie about baby killing promoted on Fox & Friends. In this instance, Senior Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano falsely claimed that baby killing is legal, without any push back from the co-hosts of the most-watched and conservative cable news morning show.

The comment came in the context of the recent law passed in Alabama that outlaws nearly all forms of abortion, which Napolitano correctly called “the most extreme pro-life legislation in the country.” He continued by noting the view that the current “pro-life majority in the Supreme Court” and “obviously a pro-life president,” adding”if there is any time to dismantle Roe vs Wade…the time is now.”

He then pivoted to how a dismantling of Roe vs Wade would leave it up to each individual state, which he followed with “if you want an abortion, you come to New Jersey or New York where infanticide is legal!”

Infanticide is defined as “the act of killing an infant.” The killing an infant in New York and New Jersey is a homicide. 

It is true that both New Jersey and New York have more relaxed abortion laws than many other states, and the New York recently passed a controversial late-term abortion bill, but that specific statue clearly states that taking the life of a newborn is a homicide.

The false promotion of “baby killing” as a political wedge issue designed to hurt Democrats has become a recent trend on Fox News opinion programming shows like Fox & Friends, which, not surprisingly, has led to President Donald Trump also promoting the same dangerous lie.

Watch above via Fox News.


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