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Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Slams Judge in Manafort Trial: ‘Showing Extraordinary Bias Against the Gov’t’

Judge Napolitano: It’s ‘Egregiously Unfair’ to Trump That His Conversations With Cohen Are Not Protected

Napolitano Lays Out How Trump Tower Meeting Seeking Dirt on Clinton Could Amount to Crime of Conspiracy

Fox News’ Outnumbered Clashes Over Trump’s Press War: His Words Only Cut ‘Fragile Ego’ of Journalists

Andrew Napolitano: ‘Baseless’ Rosenstein Impeachment Threats ‘Embarrassing for Everybody Involved’

Fox’s Napolitano Pushes Wild Conspiracy Theory About Kavanaugh, Clinton, Vince Foster Death

Fox’s Napolitano ‘Disappointed’ By Kavanaugh: He’s ‘Heart and Soul of the DC Establishment’

Andrew Napolitano: It Would Be ‘Catastrophic Politically’ if Trump Pleads Fifth to Mueller

Here’s How Cable News’ Legal Analysts Reacted Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: There Will Be a ‘Titanic Battle’

Trump Quotes Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano on Justice Department ‘Conspiracy’

Judge Napolitano on Political Fallout From Migrant Family Separation: The ‘Democrats Have Captured the Day’

Andrew Napolitano: FBI’s Handling of Clinton and Trump Probes ‘Ranks With Watergate’

Andrew Napolitano: Trump is ‘Trying to Use Children’ as Negotiating Chip, Policy is ‘Child Abuse’

Andrew Napolitano Gushes Over Summit: Trump ‘Looked More Presidential Than’ Ever

Judge Napolitano Weighs in on IG Report on Comey: ‘Insubordination’ is Not ‘Law-Breaking’

Andrew Napolitano and Fox & Friends Baffled By Giuliani’s ‘Horrific’ Remark on Trump Shooting Comey

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Reacts to SCOTUS Bakery Ruling: ‘I Think This Is a Dangerous Opinion’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Shepard Smith, Napolitano Pushing Back on ‘SpyGate’ Proves Fox Isn’t a ‘Monolith’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: ‘Outlandish and Outrageous’ for Giuliani to Keep Pushing ‘Spy’ Claim

Morning Joe Hails Napolitano, ‘Shep Smith Superstar’ For Shutting Down Trump’s Spying Claims on Fox News

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