Andrew Napolitano

Fox News’ Outnumbered Trashes Flynn: ‘It’s Baffling That the President Has Defended Him’

Napolitano Sides With Comey After His Tirade Against Republicans: ‘I Can Understand His Frustration’

Jeffrey Toobin Lauds Napolitano and Shep Smith as Fox News’ ‘Journalism Zone’, Rips Primetime as ‘Crazy Land’

Fox News’ Napolitano Lays Out Possible ‘DOOMSDAY’ Scenario for Trump

Napolitano Corrects Wall Street Journal on Fox Business: FBI Agents Did Not Entrap Mike Flynn

WATCH: Fox’s Judge Napolitano Blasts Senate For ‘Utterly Toothless’ Response to Khashoggi Murder

Fox News’ Napolitano: Federal Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Committed a Felony

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano on Trump’s Cohen Defense: ‘No Rational Person’ Could Claim Exoneration

Napolitano: Giuliani Has Told Friends Attacks on Mueller are Intended to Undermine Potential Trump Indictment

Judge Napolitano: I Expect Donald Trump Jr. to Be Indicted

Judge Napolitano Warns Manafort Pardon Would Backfire: ‘He Will Be Indicted By the States’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Mueller Tactics That Giuliani is Blasting Are Same Ones He Used as a Prosecutor

Judge Napolitano on Michael Cohen Guilty Plea: ‘Almost Literally the Tip of the Iceberg’ With Mueller Probe

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Seems Like Mueller’s Ready to Give Us ‘Road Map’ Between Russia and Trump Team

Napolitano: Manafort Probably ‘Won’t See the Light of Day Until He’s Very, Very Old’

Napolitano Shoots Down Trump’s Claim He’ll Permanently Close Border: ‘He Cannot Legally Do It’

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: CNN Has a ‘Very Good Case’ Against the White House For Pulling Acosta’s Credential

Napolitano Says Whitaker’s Appointment is ‘Unlawful’: DOJ is ‘Almost at the Point of the Saturday Night Massacre’

Judge Napolitano: Trump Appointing Matt Whitaker Put Justice Dept. in ‘Dangerous Situation’

Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Matt Whitaker ‘Not Legally Qualified’ to Be Acting Attorney General

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