Fox News’ Baier Repeatedly Presses Barr on Optics of Clearing of Protesters Outside WH: Would You Do Anything Differently?


Fox News’ Bret Baier confronted Attorney General Bill Barr on the clearing of protesters outside the White House and whether he would do anything differently, given the optics and the serious criticism that followed — including from former military officials.

After talking about the protests going on across the country and proposed policing reforms, Baier brought up the events of last Monday, when TV viewers across the country saw protesters in Lafayette Park cleared out before President Donald Trump walked out there and headed to St. John’s Church for a photo op after rioters started a fire there the night before.

Baier asked Barr, “If you had to do Monday over again, would you do something different?”

“Based on what I know now, no,” Barr said, reiterating what he said in his CBS interview Sunday that they were responding to the few days previous of violent demonstrations.

Barr said Trump didn’t tell him about his plans to walk to the church, and instead he “found out later in the afternoon he might go outside of the White House.”

The decision to move the perimeter, he said, was made by the Park Police and he agreed.

Baier still questioned the optics and asked, “Seeing what has come from it — the image that has at least been perceived — you wouldn’t do it different?”

Barr said the image has just ben “mis-created” by the media, telling Baier he personally “saw projectiles thrown” at the scene.

Baier pressed Barr again:

“You said you wouldn’t do anything differently, but the perception of clearing out the park — understanding you made the decision earlier — and then the president walking over, even the visual of the group — all white, mostly male — it sent an image a lot of people jumped on. And said it wasn’t a good thing for the president in retrospect. I asked you would you do anything differently? Would you do anything differently on even the walk over to the church? You were there, so was the Defense Secretary, so was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.”

Barr again defended his decision before adding, “The President of the United States should be able to walk one block from the White House out to the Church of President. He should be able to do that. And this canard that this exercise was done to make that possible is totally false. I don’t see anything wrong with the president walking over to the church.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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