Fox News’ Ed Henry: Trump’s Foreign Policy Approach Might Be ‘Vindicated’ With ISIS Leader’s Death


Fox News’ Ed Henry said on Sunday that the news of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death might vindicate President Donald Trump from all of the criticism he has received lately regarding his approach to the Middle East.

As Henry co-hosted Fox & Friends, he spoke to White House correspondent Kevin Corke about the mission U.S. Special Forces undertook last night to neutralize the leader of ISIS. Corke reported on lead-up to the raid in northern Syria, the connotations al-Baghdadi’s death will have for ISIS, and the reported details on how the mission was carried out.

Eventually, Henry noted that the development comes after Trump faced several weeks of bipartisan criticism for withdrawing troops from the region and for his handling of the conflict between Syria, Turkey and the Kurds.

“We take a step back, you’ve been covering the story, been all over it for a week or so now, about the president’s decision to fulfill a campaign process saying ‘I’m going to take most or all of U.S. Troops out of Syria.’ Obviously there’s been some pushback on that in both parties and he’s decided to keep at least a small force on the ground to protect the oil fields in eastern Syria among other important responsibilities, but talk about the incoming there at the White House and maybe the sense of relief they have this morning that maybe the president’s policy is being vindicated.”

Corke responded by saying this is “exactly” what a White House source told him prior to the al-Baghdadi operation.

“We have poured billions into this region, literally billions, into Iraq and Syria since 2014,” Corke said. “The idea the president has made clear: We needn’t spend our blood and treasure when we can support people on the ground who are most impacted by those particular groups, and that seems to have vindicated by this particular operation.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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