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Fox News’ Chris Wallace: It Was ‘A Little Bit Moving’ Seeing Trump and Kim Jong Un Say Goodbye

Fox & Friends Pile On Joy Reid For Claiming Old Blog Was Hacked: ‘Talk About Fake News’

Fox & Friends’ Pete Hegseth Responds to Co-Host’s Claim That Innocent People Died in Gaza: ‘Meh’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Why Has the White House Still Not Apologized for Aide’s Nasty McCain Comment?

Fox News’ Ed Henry: May Have Been ‘Misstep’ for Trump to Talk About Michael Cohen on Fox & Friends

Fox News’ Ed Henry: WHCA Owes Apology to Sarah Sanders for ‘Disgusting’ Jokes

Fox News Guest Loses It on Ex-Clinton Aide Philippe Reines: ‘You Can’t Answer The Question You Fraud!’

Fox & Friends Grills WH Aide on Trump’s Tweet Trashing Maggie Haberman: ‘Why Would He Engage?’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Praises Fox News’ Ed Henry For Pruitt Interview: He ‘Was Really Tough On Him’

WH Officials Reportedly Urged Scott Pruitt Not to Do Disastrous Fox News Interview

Scott Pruitt Stammers, Gets Indignant in a Jawdropping Fox News Grilling

Pruitt Denies Involvement in Pay Raises in Tense Clash With Fox News’ Ed Henry: ‘My Staff Did’ It

GOP Rep. Calls For Mueller’s Firing: If He Were More Biased, He’d Have ‘Credentials For The Mainstream Media’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Hits Obama For ‘Playing Games’: He’s Comparing Trump to Hitler, ‘Just Say It!’

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Rod Rosenstein Should Recuse Himself’ and Sessions Could ‘Unrecuse’ Himself

Michelle Malkin Mocks Adam Schiff On Collusion Narrative: He Has ‘Fired More Duds’ Than North Korea

Fox & Friends Slams April Ryan Over ‘#PieGate’: ‘God Forbid the Media Looked at Uranium One’

Ex-Clinton Aide Dismisses New Focus on Bill’s Accusers: We Already Had ‘Reckoning’ Years Ago

Fox News’ Ed Henry Is Getting a Bunch of Angry Tweets Meant for Another Ed Henry

Anderson Cooper Battles Alabama Pol in Wild Roy Moore Segment: You Think This Is ‘Liberal Plot’!?

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