Ed Henry

Fox News’ Ed Henry Openly Mocks Pete Hegseth for Wanting to Investigate Hillary Clinton

Fox’s Henry Challenges Donna Brazile: Will You Now ‘Accept the President’ as Legitimate?

Fox & Friends Goes Off After Mueller Report Submitted: What If It Shows Media’s Been ‘Yelling About Nonsense?’

Ed Henry on Trump-Kim Summit: It Was ‘Hardly a Good Deal’ for the US

Fox News’ Ed Henry and Juan Williams Battle Over Border Wall Negotiations: ‘Why Are You Laughing?!’

Fox & Friends’ Ed Henry: Why Did the Left Switch From Global Warming to Climate Change?

Fox & Friends React to Roger Stone Arrest: ‘Where is the Russian Collusion?’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Goes Off After Statement from Mueller Office: ‘Critics of the President Should Wake Up’

Fox & Friends Gets Heated After Host Rejects Trump’s Claim Democrats Are to Blame For Death of Migrant Children

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Where Are the Statements from California Democrats on Horrific Cop-Killing?

Louie Gohmert Rips Michael Cohen: He ‘Needed a Colonoscopy’ from Investigators

GOP Rep. Peter King: In Many Ways, the Media Ends Up Being Trump’s ‘Best Ally’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: One Part of Manafort Memo ‘Could Be Problematic for the White House’

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Says Fox’s Scripted Interviews with Scott Pruitt a ‘Journalistic Breach’ and ‘Absolutely Out of Bounds’

Ed Henry Says Trump Has ‘Vindication’ Against Reporters ‘Who Will Go Unnamed’ Who Said Caravan Not an Invasion

Fox News’ Ed Henry Responds to Criticism From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Come on the Show’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Michelle Obama ‘Has Every Right to Be Angry’ at Trump for Birther Conspiracy

‘We May Not Know’ Who Wins House ‘For Days’: Here’s What Pundits Are Saying About Today’s Midterms

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Economy Doing Really Well Under Trump, But ‘Wasn’t the Table Set by Barack Obama?’

Fox’s Ed Henry Blasts CNN and Chris Cuomo Over Kanye and Mobs: ‘Honestly Shocked’ by ‘Imaginary Headlines’

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