Fox News’ Jesse Watters: El Paso Shooter an ‘Environmental Extremist’ Who Has ‘Nothing to Do With’ Trump

Fox News host Jesse Watters defended President Donald Trump against accusations that the gunman who killed 22 at a mall in El Paso, Texas was inspired by his anti-immigration rhetoric, claiming the shooter was an “environmental extremist.”

Watters accused the media of not telling the “full story” on the shooter’s ideology, which was spelled out in a manifesto purported to have been posted by the 21-year-old in the hours before he initiated his massacre.

“This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas,” the shooter wrote in his alleged manifesto. “They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”

Many have pointed out that the shooter’s hatred towards Hispanic immigrants, and description of them as invaders, echoes rhetoric used by Trump. The shooter also made reference to “fake news” in his alleged manifesto.

“Yes he hated migrants. He was a segregationist, racial purist, total psycho,” Watters, a dedicated Trump booster, said on Fox News show The Five. “But also, he was an environmental extremist. He used the exact same talking points from radical environmental extremists, talking about the Earth is being polluted. Corporations are to blame. We need to depopulate the world. And that was also a motivating factor in the attack.”

In the shooter’s alleged manifesto, he warns that Hispanic immigration will give Democrats control of states like Texas, and that increases in the population are destroying the environment.

Watters then zeroed in on a reference to Trump made by the shooter at the end of his manifesto. Paraphrasing heavily, Watters said: “All of my ideologies predated Donald Trump and his campaign for president. I’ve had my immigration opinions for years. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump, yet the media directly links him.”

The shooter’s actual quote, from the alleged manifesto, is as follows:

My ideology has not changed for several years. My opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president. I putting this here because some people will blame the President or certain presidential candidates for the attack. This is not the case. I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump’s rhetoric. The media is infamous for fake news. Their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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