Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Trump ‘Finally Recognizes How Serious the Mueller Probe is’


Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said President Donald Trump’s hiring of Washington attorney Emmet T. Flood is reflective of the president’s newfound understanding of the seriousness regarding the ongoing Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Flood, who represented former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment, is one of the most “top shelf” lawyers Trump could possible choose, Napolitano said Wednesday.

“This also tells me that the president finally recognizes how serious the Mueller probe is,” the senior analyst said. “He finally is moving in the direction of Rudy Giuliani to head the outside team, Emmet Flood to head the inside team.”

The New York Times reported on Trump’s latest addition to his White House team of lawyers on Wednesday, while simultaneously announcing attorney Ty Cobb’s departure from the post Flood is filling. Cobb has taken a more amenable approach to Mueller’s investigation, telling ABC News as recently as Wednesday morning that a sit-down interview between the president and Special Counsel isn’t “off the table.”

“This is late in the game for a change of this magnitude,” Napolitano noted Wednesday. “There is no one on the president’s team who has been there since day one. With the departure of Ty Cobb there will be no one on the president’s team who is personally familiar with the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that the president has surrendered to Special Counsel.”

Watch a clip of Napolitano’s comments above, via Fox News.

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