Ty Cobb

Former Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb: Mueller Probe Is Not a ‘Witch Hunt’

Rudy Giuliani Slams Mueller Probe on Hannity: ‘Totally Garbage Investigation’

Ty Cobb Confident Mueller Didn’t Leak Questions, Suggests Maybe Someone ‘Trying to Sabotage’ Did

Cobb Reportedly Resigned Because He Was ‘Uncomfortable’ With Trump’s ‘Mudslinging’ Mueller Tweets

Rudy Giuliani Sets Parameters for Potential Mueller Interview: ‘2-3 Hours’ Maximum

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Trump ‘Finally Recognizes How Serious the Mueller Probe is’

Twitter Bids Farewell to Ty Cobb’s Glorious Mustache

Fox News Panel Mocks Trump Tweet Hitting NY Times For ‘False Story’ on Legal Team Shakeup

Ty Cobb Out from Trump Legal Team, Replaced By Clinton Impeachment Lawyer

Trump Reportedly Wants to Nix Chief of Staff Position, Have Four ‘Co-Equal Principals’ Instead

Ty Cobb Denies Mueller Removal Rumors: Trump is ‘Not Considering or Discussing the Firing’

Newsmax CEO and POTUS Pal Chris Ruddy: Trump Should Treat Mueller ‘Like a Plague’

Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb: POTUS ‘Very Eager’ to Speak With Mueller, but I Hope It’s Not a ‘Perjury Trap’

Maddow Mocks WH Calling Flynn ‘Obama Admin Official’: Like Calling Nixon an Ex-Congressman

Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb: Trump’s Tweetstorm on Russia Probe ‘Unrelated to Activities of Special Counsel’

Morning Joe Blasts Their Own Producers For Running Unflattering Footage of White House Counsel

Trump Lawyers Busted at D.C. Steakhouse For ‘Loudly’ Discussing Russia Investigation

Trump Lawyer Asks Reporter ‘Are You On Drugs’ in Response to Questions About Comey Letter

Trump’s New Mustachioed Lawyer: ‘I Have Rocks in My Head and Steel Balls’

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