comScore Fox’s Napolitano Pushes Wild Conspiracy Theory About Kavanaugh, Clinton, Vince Foster Death

Fox’s Napolitano Pushes Wild Conspiracy Theory About Kavanaugh, Clinton, Vince Foster Death

Andrew Napolitano, Fox News’ senior judicial analyst, pushed a nutty conspiracy theory tying Hillary Clinton to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the suicide of White House aide Vince Foster on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning.

On to discuss President Donald Trump‘s nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Napolitano brought up Hillary Clinton’s ties to the circuit court judge.

“You remember Vince Foster who killed himself in the White House?” Napolitano asked his Fox & Friends hosts. “How did his body get from the White House to Fort Marcy Park?”

“Who was the prosecutor in charge of figuring out how his body got there? Who was the prosecutor that exonerated Hillary and the thugs that moved his body? A young Brett Kavanaugh.”

Conspiracy theories have swirled around the death of Vince Foster, former President Bill Clinton‘s White House deputy counsel, since he committed suicide in 1993. The most prominent (but completely unfounded) theory is that Foster was killed in the White House by the Clintons, and his body was then dumped in a park.

President Donald Trump is, of course, fond of that theory.

The reality is that Foster — a childhood friend of Bill Clinton — suffered from depression, and shot himself in Fort Marcy Park, Fairfax County, Virginia in 1993.

His proximity to the Clintons and involvement in various controversies that surrounded the administration fueled the conspiracy theories. But there were five investigations into his death, and they all determined he committed suicide, in the park.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler wrote:

Yes, there is a fringe minority of people who will believe in just about every conspiracy theory. There are hacks who believe that Foster died in the White House and that his body was moved. There was even a member of Congress who fired bullets into a cantaloupe (or was it a watermelon?) in an effort to prove that Foster was killed.

But there were also five official investigations into Foster’s death, conducted by professional investigators, forensic experts, psychologists, doctors and independent prosecutors with unlimited resources.

Those investigations, including the one carried out by Ken Starr and Kavanaugh, found no evidence supporting any of the theories.

The evidence, per Kessler, “was all examined, dissected, discussed, investigated two decades ago — and found to be not material. The fifth probe lasted three years — and still found nothing.”

Starr’s investigation concluded, based on blood splatters, that Foster’s body had not been moved.

It’s not clear where Napolitano got his information from, but we suggest he read the full Washington Post report.

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