Fox News Producer Describes Being Liberated From Rixos Hotel

Fox News Producer Tadek Murkowski described his experience exiting of what Fox has deemed Libya’s “Hotel From Hell,” saying, “It came down to this, they were told, keep the journalists there until you hear from us,” later boiling the hostage-like conditions down to a hard-lined and heightened-in-desperation loyalty amongst the Qaddafi loyalists left to watch over them in the hotel.

Earlier today, news broke that the doors of the Rixos were opened today, and after being held within while bullets flew around outside, the 35 or so foreign reports and dozens of foreign workers were set free after International Red Cross officials brokered a deal between the rebels and the loyalists to allow the journalists to leave in peace .

Murkowski added, “At the end of the day, what we were basically faced with was Qaddafi loyalists who just refused to accept that, outside those four walls, everything they had known for the last fourty-two years had disappeared, had been whiped out in a stroke,” he said. He went on to describe one such loyalist, needing to be comforted after breaking-down under the realization that Qaddafi’s power was waning, and the structure of power he had so long functioned under was gone.

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