Fox News’ Rachel Campos Duffy Warns the Real Danger of Masks is Teaching Children ‘Submission and Compliance’


Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy suggested that wearing face masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is a harbinger for government child indoctrination, and suggesting state-level mask mandates are a threat to the American way. “I’m very worried about this, she said, adding she wants us “to come out of this pandemic looking like Americans. Not Chinese.”

During a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox & Friends, Campos-Duffy was asked about a recent Fox Nation segment where she called it “odd” to see “so much compliance” with people adhering to public safety guidelines.

“We know China has used Covid-19 to reinforce control overpopulation because communism requires submission and compliance,” Campos-Duffy said to Ainsley Earhardt. “I’m worried because so many of the rules that even my children — who are going to school — I see them wear masks outside when I pick them up.”

Campos-Duffy continued by saying schools make children wear masks “because the government says they have to,” instead of acknowledging the reason why masks are considered important indoors.

She continued:

I feel like some of the things we are doing to them is cruel. I think that it is reinforcing submission to government and it’s creating a lot more fear than is necessary for children who we know are not super-spreaders and have more of a chance of dying of the flu than they are of Covid. I’m just very worried about this. I want us, Ainsley, to come out of this pandemic looking like Americans. Not Chinese. And we need to keep that in mind that these rules that we have, this environment that we are creating, is affecting childhoods. And it’s affecting the formation of our children.

Contrary to Campos-Duffy’s claims, there’s a multitude of studies warning that children can transmit the virus asymptomatically.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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