comScore Fox News’ The Five Gushes Over Roseanne Debut, Huge Ratings: ‘Sorry, Stormy’

Fox News’ The Five Gushes Over Roseanne Debut, Huge Ratings: ‘Sorry, Stormy’

It wasn’t too long ago — less than a year, in fact — that conservatives were furious with ABC for cancelling the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing because (in the opinion of its star and many right-leaning viewers) the show’s protagonist was conservative.

But now, ABC is back in the good graces of many on the right thanks the Roseanne reboot — which debuted to a robust 18.2 million viewers Tuesday night. On Wednesday, the cast of The Five — namely Greg Gutfeld — took a victory lap, claiming the show was a success because it portrayed a Donald Trump supporter with nuance.

“Sorry, Stormy [Daniels],” Gutfeld crowed. “This other Trump woman trounced your interview in the key [ratings] demo. I watched the show. It was messy and raw. But it was also funny, meaning it was human. Each character was likable but flawed. The anti-Trumper was irrational. The pro-Trumper was sloganeering. And here’s a first: Hillary [Clinton] was off her saintly perch.”

Dana Perino said she “enjoyed” the premiere.

“It was at least more honest in its humor [than Saturday Night Live],” she said.

And Jesse Watters added, “I thought it was accessible to middle-class Americans.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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