Fox News’ The Five Knocks Acosta in Segment on CNN Lawsuit: They May Have a Point, But Hard to Sympathize With Him


Fox News’ The Five tackled the CNN lawsuit against the White House this afternoon, and while some of the hosts said the network may have a point, the co-hosts were largely critical of Jim Acosta and his conduct.

Greg Gutfeld in particular said, “They might have a point, even though he still has a daily pass he can apply for every day… The problem is you don’t care if they have a point because he’s so unlikable.”

He likened Acosta to “the student in class that disrupts the class so nobody else can learn,” while Trump is “the teacher that just grounded him.”

“You want to be sympathetic to Acosta but you can’t,” Gutfeld said, “because all he does it make it about himself.”

Kennedy said other journalists in the room get annoyed when Acosta “sucks all of the oxygen out of the room,” while Jesse Watters asked at what point someone tells Acosta to “shape up.”

Juan Williams defended Acosta a bit, noting Bob Woodward‘s criticism of CNN filing the lawsuit but saying he personally thinks their suit is “on solid ground.”

Jedediah Bila suggested the White House should ignore Acosta and not give him the attention, because when they revoke his press access, “it’s a gift to him.”

At one point as the co-hosts talked about Acosta’s conduct, Kennedy dryly asked what should happen if she attended a White House briefing and “played mouth trumpet” so much that it drove people crazy.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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